Ready to Learn MikroTik RouterOS?

Whether you are a seasoned network professional or a new user, this class is for you.
This class will teach you all the basics of RouterOS as well as some advanced concepts. I include
tons of practical applications to help you get the greatest knowledge in the shortest time.

Don't be fooled by cram courses with 4 certifications in one week,
it simply can't be done with any reasonable level of retention.

Some Useful Resources


Based in Riga Latvia


MikroTik's hardware division


MikroTik's version of YouTube, fun and lots to learn

A fellow MikroTik user and colleague

802.11n TikTube Presentation

MUM Dallas September 2009

Instant HotSpot Revenue Generator TikTube Presentation

MUM Dallas September 2009

802.11n Real World Test

200 mbps over the air? Check it out.

Long Distance 25 mbps Link

under $1000 cost.

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NEW! MikroTik Visio Stencils

Free stencils you can use for making MikroTik specific network diagrams, I will be adding more soon!

Ubiquiti Bridging

Step by step guide to bridging Ubiquiti devices


Mike, Tallahassee, FL

"I was sweating the exam before the class but passed easily with a 90!"

Denise, Lakeport, CA

"His hands on, down to earth approach to teaching MikroTik OS is clear enough for the beginner yet comprehensive enough for the seasoned professional. I am looking forward to taking more of his classes to delve deeper into MikroTik’s powerful operating system."

John, Muskogee, OK

"The course was very complete and the instructor was interesting and knowledgeable."


"It was a good learning experience hearing all the inputs from all of you from all parts of the world. I must say, it was much more enjoyable and comforting experience under the pedagogical guidance of such an excellent person and a meticulous instructor, Steve [Discher]!"   Thanks to Steve once again for his patience and his thoroughness and of course his wealth of knowledge. I also thank all of you classmates for your sharing of your wealth of inquiries and your knowledge."

Brad, Hobart, OK

"Made It home safe and just wanted to drop a quick email and say Thanks once again for your time. The Class was very interesting and extremely informational. Your Teaching Skills are a great asset to the MikroTik Community... It was worth the money spent!"

Bruce, San Antonio, TX

"The instructor presented the information in a manner that was easy to understand with real life examples."