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Rack Mount Any Ubiquiti ToughSwitch or airVision NVR or…

Old news again, right? But, what if one rack mount could handle a ToughSwitch-8, ToughSwitch-5, airVision-C NVR, ERLite-3, ERPoE-5, or TS-5-POE or any combination of those? Great idea right? Well, we thought so too so here it is. Buy the base adapter and add an adapter plate

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The First WaveGuard Shields for MikroTik CPE Devices

Again, another first and what a difference these little shields make in the performance of these MikroTik CPE devices. Order one today and give it a try. Not only will you improve the performance, but you will greatly enhance the survivability of these devices in harsh environments.

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WaveGuards for the MikroTik QRT CPE Radios

Need more range for your CPE device or possibility a low cost back-haul? The QRT is great for that and the new WaveGuard shields make them even better. WaveGuard Shields for MikroTik QRT

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